High Performance,
Fiber-Based Cushioning

CCubed™ is our innovative cushioning material that outperforms traditional polyurethane foam in moisture management and breathability while maintaining resiliency.

What Is CCubed™?

Traditional polyurethane foam products often compromise comfort for cushioning. They tend to make the user feel hot and cause sweat to pool by the skin. Odors can develop as sweat and moisture are trapped in the material. Comfort is sacrificed for cushioning.

CCubed™, the game-changing performance material, is engineered to optimize wearer comfort through novel and best-in-class sweat management. Its breathable 3D structure provides cushioning, allows heat to escape, wicks sweat away from the skin, and creates an evaporative cooling effect. This material elevates overall wearer comfort while maintaining cushioning performance.

Performance, comfort, and style reach an all-new level.


CCubed™ delivers both airflow and resilience - a combination that is difficult to achieve in a lightweight, low-density material.


Lightweight, open structure for breathability.

Normally, would be easy to crush.


No set compression, acts as a spring.

Normally, would be dense and/or heavy.

CCubed™ is a winner of
ISPO Top Ten Textrends Award

CCubed™ technology was awarded a Top Ten Winner of the ISPO Textrends Award in the Soft Equipment category. A panel of experts evaluated the material based on weight, durability, abrasion resistance, UV protection, and waterproofing in the product category that includes backpacks, sleeping bags, and shoes.

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Bridging the gap between performance and clean comfort.

Superior Comfort

Excellent wicking capability to move sweat away from skin. High airflow for better ventilation and quick drying.

"Built In" Clean

Hand-washable with the option of adding durable anti-odor technology to eliminate odors caused by sweat.

Effective Cushioning

Resilient structure that can withstand cyclic compression and enhanced shock absorption.

Ease of Converting

Versatile for various converting operations, including 2D cutting, 3D forming, sewing, ultra-sonic welding and multilayer lamination.

PET Fiber Solution

Contains recycled PET materials and can be recycled at end of the application lifecycle.


Flexibility in design and 3D forming capabilities enable converting versatility and customization of the finished product, allowing performance, comfort, and style to reach an all-new level.

Read more about our recent backpack application with outdoor equipment retailer, NEMO Equipment.

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